Monday, January 5, 2009

Apples weren't helping Steve Jobs. (The kind you eat anyway...)

First off, here's the photo I took while on the air in the 5 o'clock hour. (Yes I promised, didn't I...)
Good thing is - My phone takes pretty good pics.
Bad thing is - I'm in it. (I have a really round head.)
Well, first day back on the air in the afternoon went by without incident. Remember this is interactive radio so don't forget to call or you can e-mail me at or drop me a line at facebook under Ed Franklin.
Tim Kidder and I talked about Steve Jobs' hormonal imbalance. Jobs says the imbalance has been "robbing" his body of the proteins it needs to be healthy. Everything that was mentioned in the press release was VERY non-specific about his condition. Strange. Can you say "cover-up"?
Also we didn't mention it on the air but congratulations to Angie who used to be our secretary at the station and who now is the designer of our website on the birth of her new baby girl this past weekend. Mother and baby are doing fine. Good night and GO BUCKS!


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